Program Incentives

Attend Week 1:

Everyone will receive a FREE ‘Sons of the West’ Premiership Season t-shirt and a 2017 Premiership Season passport.

Recruit: A white t-shirt for those men attending their first ever Premiership Season program. You’ll also get a ‘Sons of the West’ water bottle and hat.

You are now an official ‘Sons of the West’ member. Welcome!

Graduate: A blue t-shirt for those men who are attending their second ‘Premiership Season’. Welcome back fellas!

Captain: A red t-shirt for the men who are attending their third and final year of the ‘Premiership Season’. You guys know the drill, this year we will have some exciting new instalments to the program.

Leadership Academy: You men have proudly graduated from the first instalment of the Sons of the West Leadership Academy! You guys will continue to make this program bigger and better.


If you have attended at least 7 sessions:

Receive a ‘Sons of the West’ 2017 Graduation hoodie which is a ‘Sons of the West’ favourite from 2016.

You will also get an exclusive invite to the ‘Sons of the West’ Graduation.


Sons of the West Graduation:

This night is a celebration for the men who have successfully completed the program. Family and friends will be invited to help celebrate the commitment you have shown to improving your health.

But remember men, you need to attend at least 7 different sessions to be part of this fantastic night! So make sure you get your passport stamped each night.


Sons of the West Club Champion Award

This year the ‘Sons of the West’ program will again be recognising outstanding individual achievements within the program.

The recognised participants will have made a significant contribution within his team or the wider community, whilst demonstrating the ‘Sons of the West’ values and always going above and beyond.

This individual will receive a signed 2017 Sherrin Football from the Premiership winning Western Bulldogs!

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