Our Aim

Sons of the West is a Western Bulldogs Community Foundation health initiative that supports men living and working in Victoria’s west lead healthier lives.

The stats tell us that men out West are some of the unhealthiest in all of Victoria and we want to chip away at these numbers by raising awareness and by helping men live better, eat better and get back into the game of life.

With close to 1200 men participating in the 2016 program we are expecting bigger and better things in the 2017 Premiership Season with brand new Sons of the West locations in Sunbury, Maryborough and Smythesdale.

For more information on program times and locations head to the schedules section.

Activities are held locally under the themes of Healthy Eating; Physical Activity and Mental Health and there are loads of giveaways and incentives including match day experiences, customised Sons of the West hoodies (a Sons of the West favourite), and the chance to win signed merchandise from the Premiership winning Western Bulldogs.

Get together with your mates, get healthy and pick up some cool free stuff while you’re doing it. It doesn’t get much easier than this.

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